About Our Business

Copy Pilot LLC was incorporated in 2006

We strive to be the local digital printer
and shipper for everyone in the North
Portland area.

Copy Pilot was founded by local residents.
One with knowledge of the US shipping
industry and the other having a
background in digital printing and mail

Copy Pilot has grown since opening in
2006 with the two owner operators
working six day weeks Copy Pilot currently
employ five local residents plus one of the
owners. All of our current staff are native
Portlanders and know many of the ins and
outs of our city.

Being a micro business in a sea of big box
stores. Copy Pilot limits its donations to
organizations and causes which directly
affect the youth of North Portland while
we may personally and vocally support
other causes and organizations. Our goal is
to help those to young to have a voice yet.

Copy Pilot is continually looking to
upgrade its technology and able to support
the best and most current media available.

We are always on the look out for tree free
and 100% recycled options. All of our
papers have some recycled content in

The toner used in our new systems have
an advanced farmed carbon which is
polymer with oil for a smooth finish with
little waste. The farmed carbon is designed
to be the size needed instead of the old
crushing and smashing in to small enough
particles to be useful.
About Us
8am to 7pm weekdays
10am to 4pm Saturdays